On Political Comedy...

Before I write the rest of this post, I want to preface it with this: I love the whole political/fake news/current events comedy thing. Stephen Colbert is UH-mazing (and a fellow South Carolinian). I watch The Daily Show almost every night. And Tina Fey will forever have my heart. With that said, I have a bone to pick...

As I was watching The Daily Show two nights ago, I noticed a pattern that I hadn't picked up on before. Every single episode has at least 5 minutes of jokes about President George W. Bush. Now, I know it's in the nature of these shows to make fun of the Commander-in-Chief, but every night it's the same jokes. Bush is stupid and Bush isn't a good public speaker. Every night. And I'm offended. Not as someone who supports our President, but as someone who appreciates comedy. You mean to tell me that, with a writing staff over ten strong, you can't come up with different material every night? Editor's Note: You know it's bad when the Robot Chicken Star Wars Special gets in on the recycled joke fun.

I haven't even mentioned the Republican vs. Democrat humor. In each of these shows Republicans are portrayed (in the jokes) as corrupt, money hungry, old, out of touch, liars who provide humor through their villainy. But Josh, they pick on Democrats too. That's true. But not in the same way. The portray Democrats as Ferris Buellers. Mischievous troublemakers who mean well but get occaisionally distracted by little things like personality quirks or extra-marital affairs with subordinates. It's a completely unfair balance. Conservatives are made to look like James Bond villains while liberals are depicted as cool, college age older cousins. (You know the kind. All your friends found out you were related and subsequently began hanging around family gatherings more frequently.)

Well, I think it's time someone put these comics on notice. Come up with new material! We get it. You think Bush is dumb. Well, you've only got 18 months left to run that joke into the ground. Democrats are cool but ineffective. Got it. Here's an idea: what if you flipped the stereotypes? What about how Hilary is so desperate to connect with potential voters (due to her complete lack of personality) that she moved to, and sought office in, a district that not only wasn't her native turf, but is notorious for voting in the most liberal and controversial candidates? What about how, in her search for a group to connect with, she changes her accent at almost every tour stop. That's as out-of-touch as anything Bush has ever done.

How's about more of the human mistake jokes on the conservatives that you reserve only for your political allies?

C'mon guys... I'm just asking that you mix it up. Oh, except for the whole "Cheney shooting his best friend in the face" thing. You can keep that. I don't care who you are, that's funny.

Well, I guess unless you're the guy that got shot. Then, not so much...

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Gerry Rojas said...

#1 The material doesn't get old because they work with the same garbage this administration keeps giving them to write about.

#2 Never mind that this is a terrible president (who I voted for mind you). Do some research or as we are fond of saying 'round these parts: learn about it. Go back and watch some daily show when the Clinton administration was on. You'll see they had the same kinds of shenanigans towards the democrats.

#2.5 (because it's a branch off from the second issue) It's a current events show. You can't just invent news even if it is parody. You go with what the headlines are.

#3 We had a blast up here at the boys house for 4th of July. Where the heck where you again this year?