Bill Hybels On Inspiration...

At the last session of this week's Willow Creek Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels gave a great message on inspiration. He addressed 3 questions:
How much does it really matter that someone is motivated?
Whose job is it to keep me (the senior leader) motivated?
How do you motivate those around you?

Here are some of the things that stuck with me:
Tips on how to keep yourself inspired
·Stay crystal clear on my calling from God. (When you’re not, you start to
feel like your moving dirt piles.)
·Make sure that you leverage your spiritual gifts the way that God gave
them to you.
·Make sure the players on your teams are inspiring people (themselves).
·Rub shoulders with exceptionally inspiring people every now and then.
·Participate in events that are exceptionally inspiring to you.
·Pay attention to your physical disciplines.
·Pay attention to your working environment
(Your workspace can add to or take away from my motivation.)
·Have an inspiring recreation outside of your work world.
·Practice daily spiritual disciplines that keep your faith fresh.

How do you motivate those around you?
·The single most powerful way to motivate those around you is to live a life of motivation in front of them.
·Connect those around you to a compelling cause, a grander vision.
·Learn the inspiration language of everyone on your team and then speak it to them.
·Identify and reduce every demotivating dynamic that you possibly can.
·Celebrate every sign of progress toward your team’s shared goals.

Great stuff...

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