Climb On a Back That's Strong...

Today, Jarred and I went climbing at the local rock climbing gym, Solid Rock. Here's the deal: I love climbing. I love climbing trees, rocks, rock climbing walls; pretty much anything. I love it.

And today was no different.

Here's two things that I learned today:
·I need to get back in the gym more. Climbing requires a ton of strength. Even now, as I type, I can barely close my hands all the way. It's actually kind of an awesome feeling.

·Jarred is freakishly strong and good at everything. If we were characters in a teen movie, he'd be the QB who gets the girl and learns the lesson and I'd be the class clown best friend who is naked underneath his gown at graduation. I love the dude, but he might be bad for my self esteem.

Ok, I have to go rest my hands...


Creative Mess said...

your blog is one of my favorites to read. i'm a christian and used to be a youth leader but got married, had a baby and well, i'm a sahm and read a lot of blogs. so - LOVE IT! Keep up the posts. YOu rock. Someday I'll start posting again.

Cathi said...

I would never make a generalization about South Carolinians based on a beauty queen representative. However, you've gotta wonder who the geniuses were who selected this poor soul to represent your state. I mean, seriously? Seriously?!?!

Luckily your creative and articulate blog is helping to redeem the merits of your home state :)