Do You, You Got Any Gum...

Last week, someone asked me, "What's your dream job?" Now, some people, when asked this question, would feel "put on the spot". They would have to take some time to think about it, as a dream is something that must be carefully considered. Lucky for me, I've spent so much time thinking about this, that I already have an answer prepared.

I want to be the host of The Late Show.

Perhaps I should clarify. I don't want to be David Letterman. I want to be me, hosting The Late Show.

There's a whole list of reasons why I would want to do this, as well as a list of reasons why I think I'd be really good at it. But that's not what this post is about.

I think if you were to ask former or present coworkers of mine "What are some things that stick out about Josh?", you would hear from each of them that I like to talk. Be it conversational or instructional in nature, I love it. And, I think, I'm pretty good at it. That's why this weekend was so frustrating to me.

You see, Friday night was fairly normal. I went, with some friends, to a house that one of them was housesitting and ate some delicious food, watched a few episodes of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and then baked brownies. We talked, we laughed, we (or more specifically, I) hurt from all of the lactose in the ice cream that we ate with the brownies. And then, Saturday morning came.

I went to bed Friday night with all of my abilities in tact. Saturday morning, however, brought with it the discovery that I had lost my voice. No sickness or soreness in my throat to warn me of my impending muteness. Just the absence of the ability to verbally communicate. Which wouldn't have been totally bad, except I was asked to guest teach at another church this weekend. Not only was I asked to gueast teach, but I was asked to guest teach at 5 services!

So, I tried everything. I tried clearing my throat a lot. I tried hot tea and honey. I tried Throat Coat. But it barely got better.

So, I struggled through Saturday night, relying heavily on the microphone. Sunday morning was a little better, but not a lot. I made it through 4 services on Sunday with the aid of a little coffee and a lot of water.

I can't even begin to tell you how frustrated I was that I lost my voice for no apparent reason. What do you do when you lose something you depend on so heavily? Evidently you ignore the problem and get something to make it even louder and more noticeable. And here's the kicker: when I woke up this morning my voice had fully returned...


Julie Hibbard said...

What's with the title? I remember David Letterman saying that a lot...
OR was it someone making fun of david?
You would be GREAT at this!!
I could come on as a guest!

Josh(ua) Treece said...

The title comes from this clip from SNL where Norm MacDonald does an impression of Letterman. I would most definitely have you on as a guest! Ooo! Or a special correspondent!