Bro, Check This Out...

There really isn't anything quite like an old friend. Something about knowing that, no matter what happens or where you go in life, you'll always be able to come back and reconnect.

When I moved to San Diego in late April of 2005, I was in the midst of a maelstrom of change in my life. Personal... professional... You name it, it changed. As a result, I was an emotional mess. And, the worst part about it was that I was in a brand new city with no friends to lean on.

That's when I met Steve.

He was the first person in my new world to reach out and invite me into his home and make me feel like I was a part of a family again. And, of course, he did it with the four words that I think of every time I think of him: "Bro, check this out..." He went on to invite me to watch the NBA playoffs with he and his family at his in-law's house, but that doesn't really matter. I don't even remember who played. I just remember meeting my first friend in my brand new scary world.

Since then, life has happened. Steve and his wife, Lauren, had another beautiful baby boy, Riley. Schedules have changed. Life has become more busy. That's why it was so good to sit down with Steve for lunch today. Even in the little amount of time that we had, it was refreshing to talk (and eat) with an old friend.

Thanks for everything, buddy. Know that, no matter where life may carry us, I've always got your back!

Oute alofa ia te oe, buddy...

Oh, and as a bonus to those of you reading this who aren't Steve, here's a video of his son, Cameron, singing a worship song. Go ahead, try and watch this without going "Awwwwwww"...

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