Happy Birthday to Me...

Is it just me, or do you guys have this happen to you too? I can think of a thousand things that I want all year long. But, whenever my birthday or Christmas rolls around, my mind goes blank. This, of course, doesn't change the fact that my mom wants a birthday list. So, for mom (and for you, just in case) here it is...

  • Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller

  • Spider-man: Friend or Foe

  • This shirt (L) in delta blue from American Eagle

  • These shoes (size 9.5) from GAP

  • An authentic Brett Favre home jersey (size 48)

  • Phil Wickham: Cannons

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

  • Veronica Mars: Season 3

  • Heroes: Season 1

  • That 70's Show: Season 7

  • Prison Break: Season 2

  • Freaks and Geeks

  • Kitchen Essentials® from Calphalon® Hard Anodized 8x11" Grill Pan and Press

  • And, of course, gift certificates to Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Regal are welcome!

    Joshua Griffin said...

    Somewhat of a cliche list ... until you get down to the Kitchen Essentials ... now THAT deserves to be on the list. JG

    Julie Hibbard said...

    You should go register at Target.

    TS Harrison said...

    You should ask for "Prayer and the Art of Volkswagon Maintanence" by Donald Miller instead of "Through Painted Deserts".

    Josh(ua) Treece said...

    Aren't they the same thing?