I Can't Wait to Read This...

I love Donald Miller's books. This made the opportunity I had to meet him all the more sweet. That's why I got so stoked when I saw this on Amazon tonight.

Let Story Guide You: Why Some Lives Make Sense and Others Don't

Here's a brief description from Amazon: When two filmmakers worked with Donald Miller to edit his best-selling book Blue Like Jazz for the Hollywood screen, they changed the events of his life to make them more exciting. When he asked why, they kindly explained that his real life was too boring! While watching the movie version of his memoir take shape, Don realized the same principles that guide professional storytellers could work in directing a person's daily experiences. In Let Story Guide You, Donald Miller undertakes a humorous and revealing journey as he edits his life into a purposeful and meaningful experience. And in his trademark style, he invites readers into their own process of looking at life through the lens of what makes for a memorable and satisfying story.

According to donmillerfans.net, it'll be shipping from the publisher in the second week of January, which means that it should find its way onto your bookstore’s shelves in late January-slash-early February.

I can't wait...

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