Now, before you decide not to read this post because you think it might be about the fact that the Packers are 4-0, or Brett Favre's record setting weekend, let me first say that it's not about those things. Editor's Note: Although, in your face Kurt! This post is about an experience I had today, and my desire to see if it can relate to ministry.

This morning, I went to Starbucks to pick up some java. Now, as of 8am, I hadn't had a haircut since the beginning of July (Editor's Note: A problem that, as of 4pm this afternoon, has been remedied) so I had on my Packers hat. As I walked out of the place, a man in the car next to me called out to me to get my attention.

"Hey man! Favre's lighting it up right now!"

"Yeah... Last season was a little rough on us. So, this year is more than we could have wanted..."

"What are you guys now? 3 and 1?"

"Naw... We're undefeated. It's a great start!"

"Really?! Aight... Aight... Well, good luck!"

"Thanks man!"

That's happened 3 times in the past week. Which has me thinking, what is it about sports that allows total strangers to talk freely to each other as if they were old friends? Why is it that, a guy who by all accounts would never talk to me under normal circumstances, wanted to have a conversation about the greatest quarterback of all time? What is it about sports that allows us to suddenly notice those who are normally invisible to us and feel comfortable enough to shout, "GO (insert the name of your favorite team here)!" And, better yet, how can we as leaders in the church recreate that in our contexts?

How can we create spaces where strangers feel comfortable enough to talk to each other without a "turn 'n greet" time? How do we create the excitement that being a Packer fan holds right now in our services and small groups every week?

I don't know... Any ideas...

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Puddles said...

If you want people to take your articles serious, you cant make ridiculous comments saying that a guy with only 1 ring is the best qb of all time.
Other than that, great article.