Follow Your Nose...

I had a great idea on Wednesday night.

As I was preparing for my 8th grade guys small group, I realized that the assigned student might forget to bring the snack. That means that I would need a backup plan. That's when I thought, "You know what would make an awesome snack? Cereal!" So, I picked up four boxes (to provide variety): Pops, Fruit Loops, Honey Smacks, and Captain Crunch; along with 3 gallons of milk (which was way too much).

The guys loved it!

Here's my favorite part: The kid who was supposed to bring snack did (doughnuts and gatorade). We had one guy who doesn't drink milk, so he poured red gatorade on his Captain Crunch and ate it. Editor's Note: See the above picture.

It looked like his Captain Crunch was bleeding. Which is awesome...

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Julie Hibbard said...

have you tried the Vanilla Cheerios? So delicious! I love Captain Crunch with Crunch berries!!
Cereal is the best snack, breakfast or dinner!