Wolverine and the X-Men...

When I was growing up, one of my favorite cartoons was X-Men. Unfortunately, since X2 came out, there's only been two incarnations (both terrible) that we've been able to see.

But all that's about to change. A trailer has just been released for Wolverine & the X-Men, a new half hour cartoon premiering this year. Here's a description from the website:

When an explosive event shatters the lives of the X-Men and takes away their mentor, the beaten heroes walk away from it all.

But then they're given a rare glimpse into the future, and see a world in utter ruin, ruled by giant destructive robots. A world that spiraled out of control because the X-Men had given up.

So now the most legendary of all X-Men takes the lead - Wolverine! Reuniting these broken heroes, Wolverine embarks on the ultimate mission - to prevent de world's destruction.

To rescue us from ourselves. To save the future.

And, by the looks of the trailer, this new show looks like it's going to be dark, kind of like the old one. Check it out here...

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Julie Hibbard said...

Zachary had ALL the X Men figures. Did you know I live off of Wolverine Street?