American Idle...

I'm not your typical American Idol viewer...

I know some people who delight in watching every little bit of AI: from the first audition episode to the crowning of the winner (not to mention the random recap weeks thrown in towards the end). However, I've never really taken interest until the final twelve are announced (which was this past week). I just can't watch the beginning episodes with all of the bad auditions. I get too embarrassed for the bad contestants. Editor's Note It was for this same reason that I didn't like Meet the Parents. It just made me too uncomfortable. But, this year is different. This year, I have an infinite amount of time on my hands. And so I've seen every episode.

That's right, this year, I'm invested. Editor's Note: Which hasn't happened since Kelly Clarkson competed.

And so, it's because of that investment, that I'm going to make my official predictions as to how the final twelve will fare. I know that the judges have said that they think this is the most talented group of contestants they've ever seen, but I disagree. I think that (out of the final twelve) there are two great, two bad, and eight good singers.

So here are my best guesses as to the fate of each of this years remaining contestants. My guesses aren't free of my own taste, bias, or arbitrary preference. They're simply my opinions. Here we go...

David Archuleta-
Many are considering Archuleta the odds on favorite to win this year. I've got to tell you, this guy creeps me out. Yes, he's got a good voice. But he has this wide-eyed, never blinking, creepy perma-smile look that weirds me out. This combined with the video of him singing And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going to the season one contestants in a hotel lobby is making it pretty tough for me to root for him. But, even I have to admit, his rendition of Imagine was pretty good...
My Best Guess: Final 2

Jason Castro-
I think Jason seems like the kind of talent you'd see play at your church and everybody would say, "Aww... He's so good!" But put him in front of people who know what they're talking about, and they'd say, "Ehh..." Simon thought his version of Hallelujah was great. I hated it.
My Best Guess: This is his last week

David Cook-
I think that his version of Lionel Ritchie's Hello was one of the best songs I've ever heard on AI. Hopefully, his originality can carry him far. What remains to be seen is how versatile he is...
My Best Guess: Final four

Kristy Lee Cook-
I think she's really hot, but I'm shocked she hasn't gone the country route yet. Her voice is so country (a lot like Leanne Rhymes) that she needs to start leaning that way fast. She's a bit awkward on stage, but sweet and engaging in her videos (something Kady Malloy wasn't).
My Best Guess: Top eight

I really like Chikezie. I loved when he sang Donny Hathaway! That was the first time I had voted since I voted for Kelly Clarkson over Justin Broccoli Head in season one. Unfortunately, the judges aren't very keen on him. And at this stage of the game, that's going to be tough to overcome. I think he picks great songs, and I hope he goes far...
My Best Guess: Top ten

David Hernandez-
I think Hernandez is a good singer, but not a great one. He's a guy that equates holding a high note with being good. The truth is, the best singers know what their voice can do, and they stick with that. I think he would have gone farther if the whole "used to dance in a male strip club" thing wouldn't have come out. That's going to scare America off.
My Best Guess: Top six

Michael Johns-
This guy seems really legit. He's got a voice. He's got the on stage presence. He just needs to engage with an off stage personality. I loved that he sang a song from the Breakfast club. I think he's a strong number 3...
My Best Guess: Final four

Ramiele Malubay-
She's so 50/50. She can sound good and bad in the same song! And no personality at all! I'm totally indifferent to her...
My Best Guess: Top eight

Syesha Mercado-
Who? Another good singer. I think she really wants to be a Whitney Houston, but just doesn't have it.
My Best Guess: Top ten

Amanda Overmyer-
How is she still on TV? Terrible... Just terrible... Where are my earplugs?
My Best Guess: This is her last week

Carly Smithson-
Wow. I think she's the only person who can challenge Archuleta. She can sing, she knows what her voice can do, she's got ink, and she's lives in San Diego. I hope she goes all the way!
My Best Guess: Final 2

Brooke White-
Someone who's younger than me, but sings like she's performing for my parents. She seems like she could have some success in the adult contemporary genre. Simon likes her, but I don't think America will get excited by a girl who picks Carly Simon-esque music. Plus, for some reason, she always looks scared to me...
My Best Guess: Top 6

Time will tell if I'm right. Do you have predictions? Enter them in the comments...


TS Harrison said...

I have many similar thoughts as you. Although I didn't watch last week.
I think David Archuleta is going to ride a Sanjaya(?) type wave into at least the final four.
I think David Cook has some incredible talent and the experience and worldliness (is that the word I'm looking for?) to find some real success.
But it's Carly Smithson that I wait in anticipation for each week.

Either way I never vote, so I won't be making any difference.

Mike Lovato said...

I'm typically the opposite. I like watching the episodes where they suck , but then once the good people are singing....I'm out. Typically because I'm not a big fan of the genre most of them sing in. Although I have watched a little bit this year. I like that they can play instruments.

Harland Crom said...

I typically don't pay much attention to AI until the final 12. That's when it gets interesting.

I see you're making your predictions. You should try a little game that we play where you have to predict the final 2. Sounds easy, right. Harder than you think.

Anyway you can post your predictions in a general public game or create your own office pool. Either way, the website does all the work. Check it out. It's fun.