Run Fatboy Run...

"You know, I mean, I didn't do you any favours on that day, ok? I did a stupid, stupid thing. But it was only because I thought spoiling your day was better than ruining your life. Does that make any sense?"

So here's the deal: Simon Pegg is amazing. I went to see this movie because he's in it. And, after seeing it, I want to say this: this movie isn't from the same guys who made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. This movie was directed by Ross. But, I still loved it...

Here's a brief synopsis:
Guy and pregnant girl are getting married. Girl is stoked. Guy is having a panic attack. Guy runs away. 5 years later. Guy is a security guard at a women's lingerie store. Girl has had kid and is in a relationship with The Blue Raja. Guy sees this, realizes he's been totally selfish and flaky and asks TBR for a pint. TBR brags about how he runs marathons. Guy decides to join in. Guy trains. Nipple joke. Guy starts marathon. Other things happen before the end of the movie...

Run Fatboy Run
Running Time:
95 mins.
Directed By: David Schwimmer
Starring: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Harish Patel, Dylan Moran, Hank Azaria

What follows is a SPOILER FREE review.

So, what was good?
  • Simon Pegg. I once said that I would see every movie that Mel Gibson is in. Add Pegg to that list. I love him and think he's great at what he does. He's a hero to red heads everywhere.

  • The supporting players. Dylan Moran and Harish Patel are incredibly funny in their roles as Dennis' (the main character) friend and landlord.

  • The script. Written by Michael Ian Black and Simon Pegg, how could it not be funny?

  • Nothing really new. You can guess the ending. It's got its share of romantic comedy clichés. Most of them are hilarious. But they're still clichés...

    I think that this movie has a great story of redemption while showing that, even when we try to make things right, we might still have to deal with the fallout of our mistakes. I could see myself using clips from it to teach on. And so, to Run Fatboy Run, I give the honor of being awarded a certified 3.5 Yarmulke™ rating.

    I teared up at the end of this movie. (Although, right now, it doesn't seem like it takes much to make me do that.) I loved it and would highly recommend it. Opening night movie that won't change your life, but might touch your heart... (Man, that was cheesy...)
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    Coachrk said...

    Thanks for the recommendation -- - I am Simon Pegg as well -- I look forward to seeing it