Hulk SMASH...

Just in case you didn't know, The Incredible Hulk comes out this Friday.

Now, I know what you're going to say. "Dude, the Hulk movie that came out a few years ago was stupid." To which I would reply, "No, you're stupid. That movie was awesome! But its tone wasn't right in delivering the Hulk to the mass public."

But, this time, everything will be different. Finally, Marvel has become its own film studio. They're slowly taking control of their characters' licenses. What does this mean? It means that the people who care about Marvel characters more than anyone will be in charge of telling their stories to the public. It means we won't ever have to worry about ending up with garbage like this, this, or this. Ever again.

It also means that Marvel can begin to build a universe, the universe, that its fans have been dreaming of forever! A universe where its characters live in the same world. A universe where Nick Fury shows up in Tony Stark's apartment. A world where Stark Industries provides weapons to Gen. Thadeus "Thunderbolt" Ross to take down ol' green skin. A world where its possible to, one day, see all of our favorite heroes in the same movie!

And personally, I can't wait! This is the stuff I used to dream of while I sat on the floor of my room and read through stacks of comics I got as hand-me-downs from a buddy in elementary school.

So, in preparation for this Friday's incredible movie, check out all you need to know about the jade giant here.

See you at the movies...


Julie Hibbard said...

plus...Edward Norton?!! Come on. He would make it amazing if he never even turned into the hulk! I am excited that my neices are in town so I can take them!!
Can't wait to see what you think.

Patrick said...

I couldn't agree more that the first Hulk movie was great! I love it. The comic book scenes are still some of my favorite scenes from any movie!

Oh, and about your previous post, great lineup of cartoons from the 80s. The only one I felt was missing was Gummi Bears. I loved that show. Here's a few 90's cartoon greats... Darkwing Duck, Batman the Animated Series (probably my all-time favorite cartoon), Mighty Max, Reboot (still has a huge cult following!), and X-men.

And to one of your other previous posts, Apple Customer Service really is great. I maintain our Mac's at our church and have had a number of trips to the Genius Bar and they are always great to me. I've even gotten 2 new iPhones since mine has broken down with no prodding from me. They always show treat me right!

Great blog, great thoughts, love it!