Mac Attack...

Two Monday afternoons ago, my Mac freaked out...

I downloaded the newest software upgrade, installed it, then restarted. And that's where it stayed: in the restart phase. So, I went online (on someone else's computer) and made an appointment with a Mac genius at my local Apple store for the next morning at 8:20am. So, the next morning, I showed up at the store and explained my problem. The genius told me to do a restart off of an operating system install disc and even printed some directions for me to follow. So, I went home happy.

Except, when I got home, I realized I couldn't restart. (After all, that was my original problem!) So I went back to the store. Upon my second visit, the (same) genius told me that all I had to do was to hold down my "option" key while I restarted. (Information that would have come in handy upon my first visit.) I said that that was nowhere on the paper that he printed out for me and he said, "Oh, sorry."

So, I returned home again. I tried the new restart, and it looked like it would work. I left my computer in my room and went to hang out with the McGills. When I returned a few hours later, I was greeted with a soul-crushing "Reinstall failed". So, I tried again. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough disc space to complete the restart. So, I called the geniuses one more time.

I went back to the Apple store (this is the third trip in a day) to try and get help again. This time, they helped me remove some useless programs from my mac and completed the reinstall and restart. I decided to stay at the store for this round, just to make sure that everything worked. So, I sat at the genius bar for three hours. But it worked. PRAISE THE LORD it worked!

So, all of that to say: I love Apple's customer service! They're super helpful, patient, and (from watching three hours' worth of other customers interactions) they care enough about their customers to make sure they get the best help possible. Even if that means sending them to another service provider.

So long as I have the funds, I'll be an apple customer for life...

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