Models Are so Hot...

I was sitting in the church office yesterday when Josh walked in and said, "Hey, you wanna do something?"

HSM is beginning a new weekend series this weekend called "Save the Planet" and, in an effort to encourage environmental stewardship, will be doing a Bottles for Bibles drive during the rest of the summer. Josh wanted to have some type of art projectish type of thing to help promote it. So, he asked if I could work on some ideas. I pitched him a few and we landed on one that I'll be building tomorrow.

It'll be a six foot tall version of what you see in the above picture. The pictured version is made of straws and saran wrap, while the actual size version will be PVC pipe and super wrap (you might use this stuff when moving a palate full of stuff).

I'll take a picture when I'm done for comparison's sake...

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