Pardon the Interruption...

I’ve written about some of my pet peeves here before. But, I’m not sure I’ve ever detailed that which is chief among them.

I cannot stand to be interrupted.

It’s not that I think what I have to say is any more important than something someone else has to offer. It’s simply a matter of courtesy. It’s probably got something to do with some buried insecurity from my middle school or high school days. But, when someone interrupts me, I feel devalued. As if that person is saying, “What you’re saying isn’t important. Here, let me save the day with my conversational offering which is infinitely more substantive than yours.” Editor’s Note: Of course I realize that, in normal conversation, interruptions occur. It doesn’t bother me every time. It’s mainly when I feel that what I’m saying is important. And yes, I realize this is a completely subjective standard by which to determine when to be offended. And yes, I also realize that I think that almost everything I say (even the most stupid of offerings) is important.

All of that to say, I take personal offense when I’m interrupted, especially continually.

And that is why I have had a word written on my hand since after lunch on Friday. That word is “DIP”. Let me explain…

On Friday, I went to lunch with two of the guys that work at the church office. We dined at a Peruvian restaurant (I’d never had Peruvian before) and were slowly seated. It was a rather long lunch, as the service was quite slow, but I didn’t mind. The conversation was tremendous.

We left the restaurant and went back to the office where one of the gents parted ways with the other and myself. The two of us walked back to his office where he said to me, “Do you know that you’re an interrupter?” I replied, “I noticed that at lunch. And I hated it.” I explained to him how it was my biggest pet peeve.

And so, in keeping with a custom I began in high school, I wrote myself a note (in initials) on the webbing of my left hand. “DIP”, which stands for “Don’t Interrupt People”.

I’ve decided that, if I feel devalued when this offense is put upon me, then I am devaluing others when I do it to them. And so, it now joins the long list of personal flaws that I am taking action to improve or, hopefully, eradicate...

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