Web Wednesday: The World According to Calvin's Dad...

Winner, winner Web Wednesday dinner!

I love comics. Not just comic books, but also daily (and Sunday) news strips. And one of my favorites was always Calvin and Hobbes.

Yesterday, I ran across a gem. It's a collection of things that Calvin's dad told him in response to some of his questions. For the whole page, click here. Here's a short clip...

Q. Dad, will you explain the theory of relativity to me? I don't understand why time goes slower at great speed.
A. It's because you keep changing time zones. See, if you fly to California, you gain three hours on a five-hour flight, right? So if you go at the speed of light, you gain more time, because it doesn't take as long to get there. Of course, the theory of relativity only works if you're going west.

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Ange said...

HA -- I LOVE calvin & hobbes; so brilliant. I like the one where his dad is explaining why the sun sets in the west and rises in the east. what a gem.