Small Groups, Monster Truck Rallies, Midget Mud Wrestling, & Foot Long Hot Dogs...

I haven't been a part of a small group for about 6 years. (The last time was when I was in college.) And, for some time now, I've been ignoring a desire (more likely a need) to be involved in one with dudes that are in a somewhat similar stage of life as me. The problem is that it's been tough for me to find other single dudes in their 20's who know what it's like living in ministry.

About a month ago, the itch started increasing to the point that I began thinking it was an urging from God. So, I began to ask around and see if there were any guys I knew who would be interested in something similar to what I was thinking. Right around then, I started experiencing some level of doubt. Even though I really wanted to be a part of this healthy spiritual practice, is it really wise considering I'm actively searching for a job (which will more than likely require me to move)?

So I thought and prayed for about two weeks on it. In the end, I came up with this question: Which would I regret more; remaining guarded and "safe" and not opening up to anyone until I land where God wants me, or opening myself up to others (risking the pain of deepening relationships only to leave them) knowing it was temporary? I decided I would regret inaction more than action.

As a result, I extended an invitation to seven other guys (four of whom accepted) and our group was formed. Editor's Note: I'm thinking of calling us The Wolverines.

I decided a while back that I wanted to purposefully begin to make choices that gave me more life. Being a part of a group of guys like me does that.

We had our first meeting last night at Chili's and, I have to say, I'm beyond stoked for where God could take this. None of the other guys that are involved are exactly like me, so I'm sure I'll be learning a lot from their different perspectives.

I'm sure I'll be writing future posts on things that inspire me from this...

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