If you haven't hopped on board the hulu.com train yet, you're missing out on something awesome.

Hulu is a joint venture between FOX, NBC, and a few other networks to provide free online streaming versions of TV shows and movies. This week, some Food Network shows were added. So you know I'm stoked!

I decided to put together a few lists in hopes of encouraging you to hop on board...

Shows That I Discovered for the First Time on Hulu...
  • American Dad!
  • Kitchen Confidential
  • The Riches

    Shows That I Want to Watch on Hulu, but Haven't Yet...
  • The Dresden Files
  • Friday Night Lights

    Shows That I Use Hulu to Catch Up On...
  • Chuck
  • House
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Monk
  • Psych

    Go to hulu... Check it out... Thank me later...
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