Important Thoughts #13...

After writing this post, I've gone back and re-read some of the writings of my friend, Matt. Editor's Note: I'm not sure he ever reads my blog, so I hope he doesn't mind me sharing these things. But, something that he wrote to his sons struck me as a very important thought...

"Therefore, make loving God your highest goal. Seek first his kingdom. Seek first his face. Love him with every shred of your being and you’ll not be disappointed. His name is Jealous, and he’ll not share your affections with another person or object.

You will fail at this countless times. Never get used to it but do not regret it. The heart that regrets is the heart that fails to confess, surrender, and trust God’s grace."

The last sentence has been ringing in my head for 2 or 3 days now.

Just last night, at my small group, another one of the guys called himself a "headcase". He said, "I think about things way too much." I quietly chuckled to myself and thought, "Dude, if you only knew..."

Sometimes (especially in the past 8 months), I allow myself to slip into unhealthy patterns of thinking. Patterns that coat my past in gold and make me think that I'm a screw up and will never be able to... Well, you get the idea. But I think that what Matt writes is true. Allowing my past to control me in the present and direct my future limits what God is able to do in me. Confession, surrender, and trust in God are necessary for achieving a sense of peace in God.

Thanks again, Matt...

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