Truth As An Antidote...

This is my friend Matt Mcgill.

I've known Matt for about 6 years. The first time we met, by his intention, I was scared to death of him. But that's a story for another time. It is my absolute honor to be able to call him friend, as he has been the source of so much laughter, comfort, wisdom, food, and learning that my life has been forever changed.

One of the things that I admire most about Matt (and one of the biggest lessons he's taught me) is his ability to examine everything in his life through the lens of truth. In fact, one of the things that he taught his boys is the phrase, "We love the truth!" When life seems to be getting a little crazy, he takes time to review what he knows to be true (in life, in the situation, about God, etc.) and then examines what's going on through that.

This discipline came in handy yesterday.

After I woke up, I made a poor decision. I chose to allow myself to begin to dig up certain things from the past year and then begin to dwell on them and allow regret and self-pity to set in. (For what Matt says on regret, go here.) This resulted in immediate and pretty big sadness. So, I decided to stop my train of thought and focus on things I know to be true in my life. Things like "God is especially fond of me", "I need to make decisions that bring me more life", and "I am happier where I am now than where I was". After about 10 minutes of reminding myself of what I know to be true, I was ready to get up and face the day.

I wish I could say that I was able to keep things off of my mind for the duration of my day, but that just wouldn't be true. I had to (and have had to today) keep reminding myself of the truths I know. But it's helped me remain focused on the present (which is always tough) and on my God who loves me.

Thanks, Matt. Without knowing it, you've helped me to shake a major monkey off of my back...

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