Hot Hot Heat...

This week, Jaime posted about his newest arrival. And even though it wasn't a baby, it does cause just as much pain.

He ordered Dave's Insanity Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Private Reserve 2008, the hottest hot sauce available for purchase. You know it's a big deal because it's numbered and Dave signed it himself. That, and because it's delivered to you in its own wooden coffin.

Yesterday Jaime, Zack, Pease, Matt Hall, Jonathan and I decided to give it a try. Now, it should be noted, that it says on the bottle "WARNING: Use this product one-half drop at a time. Keep away from eyes. Not for use by minors or pets. Not for people with heart or respiratory problems." So we poured a bit onto a styrofoam plate and dipped some pieces of string cheese into it.

This is what it felt like...

And if that weren't enough, I tried it again.

And since I'm obviously crazy, during the game last night, I tried some of the salsa Jaime made using it. Good night, it's hot!

If you're looking for a bottle of hot sauce that'll last you for the rest of your life, pick up a bottle of this stuff...

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