On the One and Twos...

This morning, at breakfast with David Hughes, we discussed many topics that are both relevant and important in our cultural world climate.

Perhaps the most important of which was this: if we were to become DJs, what would our DJ name be?

There have, of course, been many incredible DJ names: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master J, Mix Master Mike, Funkmaster Flex. But we both agreed that what we would need is something a little more subtle and a lot more awesome.

David suggested a regular "he's too lazy to think of a real DJ name" name, but when applied to him would make it awesome. Something like DJ Steve.

But I trumped his DJ Steve with the best DJ name of all.

If I were on the one and twos, my DJ name would be DJ Tanner.

Awesome... I know...

1 comment:

Alli Hibb said...

DJ Tanner is un-freaking-believable.

You and Jaime are tied for best DJ names ever...his is DJ Thermos (because he's keeping the dance floor hot all night long)...

Thank you for the humor!