How To Get Clean While Maintaining Your Masculinity...

Just a few days ago, I ran out of soap...

This posed a particularly specific kind of emergency for me, as I'm somewhat of a creature of habit. So, I knew I'd have to search the stores for my favorite brand: Safeguard. After going to 2 Targets and a Wal-Mart, my search yielded no results. So I stood at a crossroads: Do I go without until I can find it, or do I choose a new brand of soap?

Being a hygienic person, I decided it was time to choose a new soap. After scouring the soap aisle for hours, I decided that this would be my soap of choice: Dial For Men: Blue Grit.

It has everything a man could look for in a soap:
  • Manly graphics
  • Words like "ultimate" and "grit"
  • Futuristic technology like micro-scrubbers
  • Side ridges that make the bar easier to hold on to

    You can keep you fruity girly soaps like Dove, Ivory, and Zest. I've got Dial for Men.

    I feel more manly already...
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    johngf said...

    I'm a Northern Irish man looking in on US culture. You guys still use soap? My dad uses soap, but it's actually hard to get bars of manly soap here. Actually it's hard to get bars of soap full stop. Nearly everyone uses shower gel in the shower.