Two Posts I Love...

While reading blog posts over the past few days, I've come across two, in particular, that have made me stop and read them again (and again and again...).

One, by my friend Marko, deals with why the company that he works for chose to publish a book on President-Elect Barack Obama. But the part that stuck out to me was a description of something that happened at one of the middle school small groups at his church. Here's a clip (Here for the whole post):

(as an aside, one of my fellow middle school small group leaders at church shared a story about how wild the discussion was in his 8th grade guys small group last week. a bunch of the guys were talking smack about obama, and one of the two african american kids in the group was getting visibly annoyed. my friend tried to get him to verbalize what he was thinking and feeling, and he declined, saying he didn’t think he could do it without totally going off on the other guys. during a short break a few minutes later, the leader had a chat with the guy, and he said something like: “for me, it’s not just about whether or not he’ll be a good president. i’ve just always heard that i could be anything i want to be — but i’ve always known that there were limits, because of my skin. obama being elected changes all of that for me. and i have a hard time even knowing how to put that into words.”)

The other post comes from my friend Chris, who is in Kenya right now ministering to orphans. It's a very short post, and one that I think is one of the most powerful stories I've read in a while. Go to his blog via the link above and check it out...

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