Christmas Time Is Hear...

Every now and then, my friends and I exchange music.

Now, it should be said that it's nothing illegal. We just like making mix CDs for each other. Typically, there's a theme to each mix. This month's theme is, appropriately, Christmas music.

Here's the deal with me and Christmas music: I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I love it (after Thanksgiving, thank you) at the right time. But I hate that it never changes. Same songs... all the time. Every year. What's worse is that while the list of song titles barely ever changes, the list of artists who record these...standards is continually growing.

The question is, why would an artist feel the need to record songs that 100's of others have already recorded? Easy. Money.

And so, every year, I search iTunes for new music. Always hoping to find some songs that won't drive me insane. We'll see how lucky I am this year...


Cathi said...

I suggest Sara Groves "O Holy Night" and Rosie Thomas "A Very Rosie Christmas"- some standards, but mostly completely new takes on the standards you already love, plus some brand new ones.

It's all I've been listening too.

Rachel said...

the oc has a christmas soundtrack :)
and i just found one on itunes by jack johnson..This Warm Christmas.