Coming Soon (Sometime at the End of the Month)...

Well, it might be coming to this blog...

I'm not sure if it'll be on here or on youthministry.com. But either way, it'll be here in some form. This year, I've also decided to include my pick for worst movie of the year. I figured why should good movies be the only ones to get celebrated? Why not celebrate the craptastic as well?

But before I can write the list, I've got to see a few more films...

Yes Man
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

That's my list to finish out the year. Thankfully, movies are a few bucks cheaper in South Carolina...

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Terrace Crawford said...

I can't wait to see Case o Benjamin Button. I hope to see that on Christmas Day in SC too. I am also interested in seeing Yes Man.

--Terrace Crawford