Power Rankings: 3...

Power rankings on the internet are like NCAA Tournament brackets. Everyone has their own, but only mine is right...

1. Where the Wild Things Are Trailer If you watch this, and the child inside you doesn't jump for joy, then you're dead inside. And outside. And you're stupid. Shut up, you're stupid! I know you are but what am I! Mom... (link)

2. Sayid Jarrah "A 12 year-old Ben Linus just gave me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?" Awesome... (link)

3. PDYM I couldn't make it this year, but that didn't mean it wasn't amazing. If you have the chance to go, GO. It'll change your ministry forever... (link)

4. Villanova Last night, Villanova became a part of a long standing tradition: eliminating Duke from the NCAA Tourney. Congrats guys... (link)

5. Airplanes Because I'm getting on one this coming Wednesday to fly across the country. Boo yah... (link)

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The Metcalf's said...

#2-this week kicked...well, you know.
i love that lost leaves me lost.