AIS8: Top Seven Prediction Guess...

I'm absolutely amazed at the choices that American Idol makes sometimes. For instance, last night, they had Quentin Tarantino as the "mentor" for the contestants. Their reasoning for this, as stated at the beginning of the episode, was that he is a huge fan of music. So, just to review, a man was brought in to advise the careers of would be singers because he "is a huge fan". The only way I can properly communicate how stupid this is is to use an analogy.

This is the same as someone hiring me to give mechanics advice on how to fix cars because I enjoy driving.

And after watching the contestants sing last night, I can see that he was of little or no help.

I think that the bottom three are going to be Lil Rounds, Kris Allen, and Matt Giraud. And out of them, I think this is the week that Lil is going home. I also think that this could potentially be the week that the judges use their one time save. If I'm right, then my record improves from 3 for 6* to 4 for 7*.

Oh, and just in case you're curious, ew.com has their weekly rankings of the contestants up that you can view here.

We'll see...

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emilyestep said...

I agree on Lil Rounds. Maybe Matt.