Power Rankings: 4...

Power rankings are like Peeps; some people love them, some people hate them. Except mine. Mine are recognized by the FDA as 100% awesome...

1. Amy Poehler I watched Baby Mama twice in my hotel room this week. That combined with the premiere of Parks and Recreation last night has reminded me of why I love her... (link)

2. Jelly Beans This is the one time of year when there's an incredible amount of brands to choose from. Which pretty much means I'm in heaven. I hope my stomach isn't going to hurt this much when I'm in actual heaven... (link)

3. Delta Airlines TVs in the back of every seat? Yes please... (link)

4. The German Language Dom offers instruction. I listen and learn. I just wish I could remember some of the normal words... (link)

5. Coffee Who knew it had so many uses? It kept me awake and changed the color of my hotel room carpet! Way to multi-task... (link)

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Terrace Crawford said...

I love some Amy Poehler. I've seen Baby Mama about four times now (that beats you btw).

--Terrace Crawford