Power Rankings: 5...

Power rankings are like fight clubs. You don't talk about them. Ever. Unless I write them. Then you talk about them more than LOST on Thursday mornings...

1. Tina Fey She came out of nowhere to take the number one spot for completely normal reasons... (link)

2. Will Ferrell on Man vs. Wild In an effort to promote his upcoming movie, Land of the Lost, Ferrell will appear alongside Bear Grylls in a June episode of his show using some of Grylls' survival techniques (like drinking his own urine) to make it in the wild. There's absolutely no way this won't be awesome... (link)

3. Greg Paulus "Hi, I'm Greg Paulus and I played basketball at Duke for four years. Now there's a big chance I'll be transferring to Michigan and taking the starting quarterback job on their football team. When I'm not living out every guy's dreams of athletic glory in one sport, I'm doing it in another! That's so weird. Why is it that everyone looks like they hate me whenever we first meet..." (link)

4. Ted Buckland's cover of Hey Ya Even though I think this season of Scrubs is terrible, Ted's cover of the song that drove me crazy a few years ago is awesome... (link)

5. Little Caesars Stuffed Crust Pizza I'm lactose intolerant. But I'd brave any consequence my body throws at me for this delicious treat. Cue Bryan Adams' Everything I Do (I Do It For You)... (link)

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emilyestep said...

loved 30 rock this week. i mean, that's not to say that i don't normally love it, just that this week was particularly awesome.