Power Rankings: 6...

Nobody cares about power rankings. They're like any Robert Downey Jr. movie between Chaplin and Iron Man. Unless I write them. Then they're like Tony Stark's goatee: awesome...

1. My Little Brother Tomorrow is his 22nd birthday. One of his baseball games in the morning, barbeque with the fam in the evening. Is there any day better? Nope. Love you little buddy... (link)

2. Tina Fey Tough week for Tina. Knocked out of the number one spot in an obvious display of nepotism. Don't worry, Tina. I still love you... (link)

3. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper rules my palate. But I fear it may be disappearing. So I picked up Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Not bad... Not bad... (link)

4. Editing Foul Language In Movies For TV It's always so monkey fightin' funny to me when TV stations edit a Monday to Friday movie to get rid of bad language... (link)

5. Facebook Poker It's been ruling my free time for almost two weeks. Will this be the week that I finally break its stranglehold on my life? Probably not... (link)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

i can never find diet cvdr.pepper anywhere in sc... Thus having to settle for diet cherry dr.pepper