Power Rankings: 7...

Reading power rankings on the internet is like changing behind a towel that your mom is holding up on the beach when you're a kid. You do it because you have to, not because you like it. Unless I write them. Then it's like sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday morning with the remote and a bowl of Lucky Charms: awesome...

1. Tony Stark's Goatee After USAToday put out the first pic from Iron Man 2, was there any doubt that the greatest facial hair in the history of planet earth (on one of the greatest actors) would shoot to the top of the rankings? This, by the way, counts as post #4... (link)

2. Swine Flu Tough to ignore the swine flu this week. I've only recently found out that it doesn't turn you into a were-pig during the full moon. I am, of course, kidding. But as dumb as that sounds, it still doesn't compare to the sound bite that came from Vice President Bidden on Thursday. Looks like the Daily Show has found their Obama Era punchline... (link)

3. Grooveshark Any song I want to listen to, anytime I want it, for free? Yes please... (link)

4. The Soloist I can't emphasize enough just how good this movie is. See it. The story is remarkable. The acting is incredible. But the grace that it displays is the most honest and beautiful that I've seen in a long time. See it... (link)

5. New Transformers 2 Trailer Two summers ago, Transformers won the Part of the Process: Favorite Summer Movie vote. If this trailer is any indication, I can see the sequel being the heavy favorite to take the trophy this summer... (link)

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