Power Rankings: 8...

Power Rankings are the Michael Moore documentaries of the internet. They're boring, stupid, pretentious, and totally indulgent. Unless I write them. Then they boldly go where no one has gone before...

1. New Pic of Tony Stark's Goatee (In the Suit) and Samuel L. Jackson On the Set If pictures keep getting released from this movie all the way up until it's released, no one will ever be able to take back the number one spot. Not even Tina Fey. By the way, count this as number #5... (link)

2. Slo Mo Surfing In HD This is close to being the coolest thing I've ever seen. The only way I could think to improve it is if Tony Stark's goatee did it while wearing suitjamas... (link)

3. Star Trek I haven't even seen it yet but I'm pretty sure it's going to be in my top 5 favorites of the summer. Why? It's got Shaun of the Dead, Harold, Charlie Bartlett, Sylar, Eomer, Bruce Banner, and Madea in it. How could it not be awesome... (link)

4. Erin, the New Receptionist From The Office Pam has had my heart for a long time. But her and Jim were a little too mushy last night. As punishment, my heart has been given to Erin for one week. We'll see if Pam learns her lesson by next Thursday. It's the finale. I'd hate to see my heart with Erin for the whole summer, but I'm prepared to go through with it... (link)

5. Manny Ramirez Let me get this straight. One of the biggest hitters in baseball tested positive for drugs? That is such a completely original and never heard of news item! And on top of that, he was on a women's fertility drug that's typically used to bring your body back to normal after doing steroids? What, he decided that now that he's swoll he wants to have his own baby? I guess once your biological clock starts ticking... (link)


Terrace Crawford said...

Saw Star Trek last night. It was good - don't think you'll be disappointed. I was surprised to see Madea. Didn't realize he\she would be in it.

--Terrace Crawford

emilyestep said...

Go see Star Trek right now!! I was excited about it because of the cast as well. You will be happy.

I think I like Erin. I haven't decided yet. Do you think she will be on the show longterm?

Josh(ua) Treece said...

Saw it this morning. LOVED it. LOVE.

Josh(ua) Treece said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about Erin.

I kind of think she'll be there. Only because I don't see them demoting Pam. But I've really like what they've done with her so far. Kind of made her into a little bit of a nerdy character.

emilyestep said...

She is totally nerdy, you're right. Only on second viewing did I pick up on the nerdiness of her dancing in Cafe Disco. And I'm glad you loved Star Trek!