Power Rankings: 10...

Power Rankings on the internet are like Jeff: that guy who managed the Max, stole Kelly, and later cheated on her. Unless I write them. Then they're like Zack, your true love who you're meant to be with and also appeared on NYPD Blue...

1. First Picture of Mickey Rourke as Whiplash Like I said, anything new that's released from Iron Man 2 will more than likely take the top spot in the weekly Power Rankings. This doesn't count as post #7, since I've already posted on it this week... (link)

2. Good News Everyone! Futurama is Back! One of the best written, imaginative and funny animated television series ever created is getting new life on Comedy Central. Once again, a show FOX cancels gets rescued when it's discovered people actually loved it... (link)

3. Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon Zack was on Late Night and brought his whole bag of tricks with him: acid wash jeans, high tops, highlighted hair, and giant cell phone. He also added his name and Jessie's to the list of Bayside alumni committing to appearing at a reunion. Awesome... (link)

4. Waitress at a Waffle House Fires Gun at Customer for Throwing Waffle I said scattered, covered, chunked, topped, and diced! Not scattered, covered, chunked, topped, and smothered... (link)

5. Facebook Vanity Name URL Land Rush Starting at midnight EST tonight, you'll be able to claim your very own vanity URL for your Facebook account. So stay up late so you can get facebook.com/ilovejobros or someone else will... (link)


6. Death Metal Parrot I'm afraid of birds. And after finding out they're such a fan of death metal, I think I'm scared of death metal now too... (link)

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