Power Rankings: 11...

Power Rankings are a pointless and futile exercise, kind of like running. Unless I write them. Then they're like P90X for your soul...

1. My Nanny She had open heart triple bypass last Wednesday, but came home two days ago. I can't even begin to say how relieved I am that she's home safe. Speaking of surgery, why is it that doctors always schedule it so early in the morning? I mean, if I was a doc, I'd want to sleep in... (link)

2. Which Wich I just ate at this place for the first time on Thursday for lunch. I'm not kidding around when I say that it was like Jesus himself returned and threw a party complete with confetti and streamers in my mouth. I'm talking about "I woke up this morning and immediately wanted to go and eat another one" kind of good. If you've got one near you, go. If you don't, go to the nearest one. Seriously... (link)

3. New Posters for Sherlock Holmes At this point, I think it's safe to say that I want to start a bromance with RDJ. I mean, we could sit around and talk about all things awesome. You know, stuff like Tony Stark's goatee. We'd probably end up being BFFs. He'd end up telling me all the secrets from the set of Weird Science. Sigh... (link)

4. Conan O'Brien Have you watched him since he's taken over the Tonight Show? He's given me new hope that pasty white, freckled, red heads can host popular late night talk shows. Oh yeah, and Triumph returns tonight with an appearance at Bonaroo... (link)

5. The Real Bat Man I will learn to do this. I hope I don't knock myself out more than three times... (link)

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