Power Rankings: 12...

Power Rankings are normally like Cliffs Notes for the uneducated to talk about sports with their friends. Unless I do them. Then they're like an encyclopedia of awesome...

1. Leaked Images From the Iron Man 2 Comic Con Panel Before you ask, no. They're not of Tony Stark's goatee. Frown. But they're almost as cool. Want to see some blurry images of War Machine and some slightly clearer images of Mickey Rourke as Whiplash? Good. Because that's what I've got. By the way, this is Iron Man 2 post #7... (link)

2. The Venture Bros. Not sure how it took me so long to discover this show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. But I'm more than stoked that I did. I want to be Brock Samson when I grow up... (link)

3. Cake No. Not the band. (Although they're great too.) I mean actual, real, delicious cake. I made one this past Sunday that knocked everyone I knew off of their feet. It was like an apocakelypse. See what I did there... (link)

4. Traveling I just booked two trips for August to meet with churches about potential jobs. I can't wait! One is back in Southern California, and one is in North Carolina. Cue the Jo Dee Messina song... (link)

5. Harry Potter After seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last week, I picked up the book again and re-read it. It was an incredible decision. I've now started re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Such great writing. Thanks JKR... (link)

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