99 Thoughts for Youth Workers...

I written before about my friend, Josh. He's one of my favorite people in the world and a huge hero of mine in ministry. I've never spent time with him without walking away encouraged and feeling better! And, in the 5 or 6 years I've known him, he's taught me a lot about ministry. A lot of that stuff, I've been able to pass on to other people.

And now I'm super stoked to tell you guys that Josh has written a book!

99 Thoughts for Youth Workers just came out and, if you're involved in student ministry in any way (paid or volunteer), it's a must buy.

Here's why I love it: it's bite sized, practical tips on lots of different aspects of student ministry. It's got everything from how to manage a team to how to keep ministry from taking over your life. It's got great ideas as well as lessons Josh has learned the hard way. And all of it comes in the form of small proverb-like entries. Which is great if you have ADD XL like I do.

Hit the link above to go to amazon to get your copy now!

Oh yeah, and if you want to get Josh's great student ministry tips in real time, check out his blog: morethandodgeball.com...

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