Disney Buys Marvel...

Here's something I never imagined had a possibility of happening; Disney is acquiring Marvel Entertainment for 4 billion dollars.


superherohype.com has a story on it, as does aintitcool.com.

Who knows what this means. I know that, after Jim Henson's death, Disney bought the Muppets, which probably wouldn't have been able to continue without Disney's fat pockets. A few years ago, Disney acquired Pixar. In that deal, Pixar's head, John Lasseter was named as one of the new heads of Disney, particularly over the animation division. We're already starting to see a qualitative shift in Disney's animated offerings as a result of that. It's also allowed Pixar itself to have a little more freedom.

But what does this mean for Marvel? As far as movies go, after Marvel's distribution deal with Paramount is over (including Ironman 2, Thor, Captain America, and the Avengers), Disney has said it wants to look into self-distributing. Will anything change in the comics? I don't know. I hope it just means more money for more talent for improved quality.

At least we might finally get a chance to see a Spider-man vs. Simba matchup...

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