Is It Weird...

Sometimes I'm not so sure if my perceptions of things are correct. That's why I need your help in determining if I'm right (which I am). So I ask you, is it weird...

  • that I can only smell things out of my left nostril?

  • that I am stinking in love with the music of Mary J. Blige right now?

  • that I can't stop eating otter pops once I start?

  • that I'm so excited about Halloween approaching because I love Candy Corn?

  • that I still don't know exactly what my sweet spot in ministry is? (I mean, I've got some clues, but still...)

  • that I really really miss leading worship?

  • that after 2 disappointing seasons of Heroes, I'm still excited to watch season 4?

    Just wondering...
  • 1 comment:

    racheld said...

    nope....candy corn is amazing...my sister tries to pretend that the strange sugary bunnies at Easter are just as good...she is wrong!