Power Rankings: 13...

Power Rankings have a habit of being like a Matthew McConaughey movie: heavily promoted but seldom good. Unless I write them. Then they're like a guaranteed summer blockbuster. Kind of like any of The Transporter movies...

1. The Last Episode of Reading Rainbow... Ever Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high. Take a look, it's in a book. Reading Rainbow. Sniff. It signed off for good today. To think there will be children who grow up without this show is incredibly sad. Almost as sad as wondering what Levar Burton will fill his time with now that this longtime proponent of children's literacy is done... (link)

2. Potential Design Image of Whiplash's Final Look in Iron Man 2 Holy Tony Stark's goatee! You're telling me I've still got 8 months until this movie comes out?! Sheesh. Count this as Iron Man 2 post #8... (link)

3. damoncarltonandapolarbear.com So let me get this straight: Top artists and designers are each asked to create posters for LOST's sixth and final season, and these posters are on sale? And the first one is already sold out? Where's my wallet... (link)

4. Dumb Jokes That Are Funny I don't know why I've always found dumb jokes so funny. But I do. By the way, as a hat tip to #3; What did one snowman say to the other? It smells like carrots in here... (link)

5. The Green Mile This incredible movie (for which Michael Clark Duncan was nominated for Best Supporting Actor but lost to Michael Caine) was on late two nights this week. After the second viewing, its book called to me. So I picked it up at Barnes and am now tearing through it. It's incredible. If all of Stephen King's books are like this, I think I'll be enjoying many more. But if they're all like The Shining, I think I'll abstain...(link)

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