Power Rankings: 15...

Power Rankings on the internet are boring, kind of like your job. Unless I write them. Then they're like my job, which involves me being dropped behind enemy lines with nothing but a knife and a map while a General tells the media I’m only an urban legend...

1. New Behind the Scenes Footage From Iron Man 2 Nothing really that new here. But still, Tony Stark's Goatee. You know? The first 20 or so seconds are in French. If you can make it through that, the rest is awesome. We've now reached IM2 post #10... (link)

2. R.I.P. Captain Lou Albano One of the greatest professional wrestling managers and personalities passed away this week at the age of 72. I don't think he's celebrated enough for being Cyndi Lauper's muse. Or for being the first live action representation of Super Mario. Sorry Bob Hoskins... (link)

3. Ghostbusters Filming Locations From Around NYC Inspired by how the movie introduced him to NYC, a blogger compares shots from the movie to how the same locations look today. I want to do this so bad... (link)

4. Fantasy Football Pick Me These are amazing. I very seriously doubt they're real. I mean, who on earth would pick Marc Bulger as their starting QB? And if Jason Campbell could do that in real life, he'd be the greatest QB on earth and the Redskins would be undefeated...(link)

5. Every Single Kramer Entrance from Seinfeld Ever Seriously. And the video's only 6:17 long. Awesome... (link)

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