And Now We've Come To the End of the Road...

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We've had a good run... kind of. I mean, things started out great. You were giving me things that no other TV show had ever given me. People with superpowers, amazing storytelling, Zachary Quinto's eyebrows... But then, at the end of season one, you hit me square in the face with one of the worst, anti-climactic, finales ever. I should have seen the writing on the wall then, but love had blinded me.

But I wouldn't give up. How could I quit you? You had given me twenty one episodes of greatness. How could I hold one terrible episode against you? We all have our bad days. Maybe this was just that. Maybe we'd be able to bounce back. Maybe we'd be able to make it past our first big squabble and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

Then, you came back with season two. And it was terrible. Then, season three. More of the same...

How could you do this to me? I gave you everything. I even bragged about you to other people, and then they wanted to get to know you to? How could you betray me like this? You became something that you promised you'd never become. You started breaking rules that you had established yourself. Powers were conveniently added or taken away to suit which ever direction you wanted to take. People were killed to bring in new viewers. Then, when that didn't work out, they were brought back to get more viewers. You broke my heart, Heroes. You broke my heart.

And so, in hopes that you had changed, I added you to my queue on Hulu. I finally got around to watching your season premiere three hours before it was set to expire. I was heartbroken. Another rule you made up was broken. Hiro was now going to spend the season going back in time in an effort to change the past. And that was the only limitation you had put on his power, that he couldn't change the past.

So when your second episode of season four expired this week, I knew we were done. You've been deleted from my queue, and from my heart.

Goodbye forever. You will no longer get my attention, my time, or my money.

No, don't call. I'm already seeing other people. Modern Family and Community have replaced you in my heart. I think it's best if we never see each other again.

Please take care of yourself. I know if you start making good choices, you'll be able to become healthy again. I'm just sorry to say that it will be without me.




StacyGal said...

We Galarza's feel the same way! Goodbye Heroes..

Emily said...

Leaving the show as well...killing Nathan was the last straw for me.

Jessica said...

Funny post. That makes me sad... I had not tried to watch any of this season yet.