How I Met My Bobblehead...

Remember that time I twittered something that I would like to receive as a gift and then received it? Yep. I loved that time too. Well, guess what? Here's another round of something similar...

Last Monday, the official How I Met Your Mother twitter sent out a tweet saying that the first 100 people who retweeted that there was a new episode on that night would win a free copy of a special condensed version of Barney's book, The Bro Code (which I already have), called Bro On the Go. So, of course, I immediately complied.

A little later in the week, I received a twitter response from someone at CBS saying that I had won and asking that I email my info to them. Boo Yah. However, when I did, they told me that I was actually #107 in the contest (yeah right) and asked if I'd settle for a talking Barney Stinson bobblehead. Uhh... yeah.

A week later and this little gem is at my door...

Ugly and totally inaccurate representation of NPH? Yep. Free prize from a contest which automatically elevates its value to near legendary levels of awesome? Oh yeah.

I'd type what he says too, but this is a PG blog.

Go ahead,be jealous...

1 comment:

Julie Hibbard said...

Oh Bro...that is
LEGEN---wait for it
---and I hope you are not lactose intolerant--

LOVE that show!
Good for you!!!