I Might Be Dying...

I know that I set a goal of writing something original every weekday during November, but I can't do it today. Yesterday's post was about how I got sick. Today, it took a turn for the worse. On top of a fever, you can add dizziness and shortness of breath. Ugh... and my symptoms have affected my ability to think straight.

So I'm going to either tack on a day this weekend, or at the end of the month.

Bear with me people. I hope I can be back tomorrow. But if I die tonight, I want my ashes scattered in three places: the moon, Hawaii, and the Keebler factory. Cause that way, everyone will always wonder...

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Julie Hibbard said...

When I die, take my ashes to Dodger Stadium...and Irvine Meadows. Concerts and ballgames for eternity.
Hope you feel better Josh!