It's Gotta Be the Shoes...

I mentioned in a previous post that I had started working at a large national retail chain store. For eight hours at a time (soon to be more due to Thanksgiving shopping) I walk the aisles helping customers, filling holes on shelves, straightening merchandise, and generally (and happily) doing as I'm told. There are tasks that my job involves that require me to put forth some amounts of thought. Like tracking down products in our store or other stores in the area. (I rather like this part. It's kind of like solving a mystery!) And there are parts of my job that allow me to enter into a kind of mental state of auto-pilot. My body does the work while my mind dwells on other things.

It was during one such time this past week that I began to think of how working at this job had taught me another lesson that I'm not sure I had previously learned in the church.

When I started, I was asked to procure the elements of the store's uniform. Unfortunately for me, these included shoes. I hate wearing shoes. They make my feet feel claustrophobic. For this reason, I much prefer my Rainbows. (But I digress.) The only pairs of shoes I have are some slip on chucks and some Vans. Neither of which provide much support. But I work with what I've got. You know?

After working a few shifts I began to experience quite a bit of pain in my feet. Now, I'm not talking about a little soreness. I'm talking about full on "slow me down, make me grimace, making my whole body exhausted" pain. I've always had bad ankles and low arches, so this should have come as no surprise. But still...

So after a few weeks of limping home, I finally decided to go get some good shoes. I went out early one morning before my shift started and found a great pair of New Balance for super cheap.

I noticed about halfway through work that night that I wasn't in pain! And, not only that, but I noticed over the next week that I wasn't getting as tired while I worked. I had more energy during work which meant I had more energy when I got home too!

It was a small change that yielded a big result!

Shoes are such a small part of my wardrobe. Yet, because all of my weight comes down on them with every step, they're very important. I wonder if there are important areas in our lives or ministry that could benefit in big ways if we made a few small changes.

I guess I know what I'll be thinking about when I go in to work tonight...

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Julie Hibbard said...

I RUN 10-12 miles a day at my job. I have a desk, but no chair...needless to say, good shoes are a MUST!
I have found that when I purchase the best shoes, my feet don't hurt at all! I NEVER have a sore back or legs--nothing.
It's true, the little things make a difference....
sometimes they are not the prettiest shoes (ask Allison)...but they do the job.
Lesson THERE somewhere?
Good luck with your new job!