My November Goal...

There was a time when I considered myself a decent writer. In fact, as little as two years ago, I would have told you that writing professionally would be some part of my future. But somehow, in the past few years, I've allowed what was once such an important and fulfilling part of my life to drop by the wayside.

Someone asked me why I thought this was. I said that I just felt like I've lacked inspiration, that my life just wasn't really interesting enough to write about anymore. But, whether or not that's true (interest is subjective, therefore the statement is debatable), I can't continue to ignore that I've stopped doing something that once gave me a great deal of joy.

Most of my blog posts have become short, and less personal, than I'd like. Not that I ever put much personal content on here, but there's a big difference between writing about things inspired by my day-to-day, and posting a video that I found on youtube. While I once prided myself on original content, I feel like I've become more of the "collector" type of blogger: one who simply collects things he or she thinks is cool from around the net and posts it on their own site. And that stinks.

All of this has led me to feel... less than Josh. (Does that make sense?) A few weeks ago, while I was in Atlanta, I was sharing this struggle with a friend and his response was this: just do it. He said, "Josh, you're a writer, and writers have to write. I'm sure you're not the first to experience a period of lack of inspiration. You think Mark Twain never felt uninspired? At some point, when it comes to anything you love, you have to fight what you feel (or don't feel) like doing and do what you know you're supposed to do." And so I've made a decision to set a new goal.

During the month of November, I'm going to write one post consisting of original content every weekday. I'll have the option to write on the weekend too, but I won't require that of myself. During this time, I'll still do special posts like Web Wednesday, Power Rankings, and Body Double, but they won't count toward my original content piece. The subject matter won't be set, so it can be fictional or non, poetry or prose, ministry related or personal spiritual reflection. The point won't be the subject, it'll be the practice.

Hopefully, throughout this month, I'll be able to get my writing chops back as well as discover some new things about myself. So come back here every weekday and check up on my progress. Keep me accountable! And, even better, if you'd like to join in, save the picture I created for this post and use it on your blog to write along with me!

I hope you like what I come up with this month. But, more importantly, I hope I like what I come up with...


Sarah Brown said...

I look forward to this. I have had similar thoughts in the past few months about whether or not I am actually a writer, considering I have not actually written anything of substance in quite some time. Your friend is on the money; writers have to write.

Two books that might help (though I know your goal is to write, not to read), even though I'm sure you've already read them:
The War of Art - Stephen Pressfield
On Writing - Stephen King

Apparently writing about writing is good business for folks named Stephen.

I look forward to the End of November, when I'm sure your writing will flow so naturally that no one could ever accuse you of anything other than inspiration. I look forward to getting to know you through this process, and I just might write along with you.

Julie Hibbard said...

I look forward to this...and perhaps it's a nudge for me to do the same. I used to LOVE what I was writing each day. Now, it's the same blah blah blog.

Thanks for the inspiration!