Whip It, Whip It Good...

I debated whether or not to write up a separate post for this or include it in some Power Rankings. But who am I kidding? It's Iron Man 2. It's Mickey Rourke. It's Tony... Stark's... Goatee.

It's also the twelfth post I've written about Iron man 2. Boo Yah.

Are you on twitter? Well, you should be. On top of all of the awesome things that you can get from following me, you can also get amazing up to the minute news on all kinds of things. Like, for example, this little gem I got from following Jon Favreau. He tweeted that the new Iron Man 2 poster featuring Mickey Rourke as Whiplash would be premiering soon. And...


How cool does that look? Great design guys. You can see a High Res version on Apple's IM2 page.

Do we have confirmation that Mickey Rourke actually knows that he's in this movie? Cause... building laser whips and attacking Robert Downey Jr. seems like something he might do just to impress one of his dogs.

What? One Iron Man 2 scoop isn't enough? Fine. How about another look at War Machine? Thanks to some toy catalog, we've got another look here. How's that? Satisfied? Good.

Gosh I can't wait for May 7, 2010 to get here. You can bet I'm going to grow another Tony Stark Goatee...

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