Things have been pretty slow on the blog this month. I've only posted three times and, by my standards, that's way below an acceptable level. During this time, I've struggled with the typical blogger guilt. But in the end, I decided that my rule of "I blog for me" trumped any feeling of guilt I was having. This conclusion led me to label the slow down as an unofficial blog sabbatical. (Sabblogtical?)

I've had some things rolling around in my head during this month that I'd like to write about. Most of them will end up being more than a paragraph, and definitely posts that I'll want to use as an ebenezer to mark some learnings I've had lately.

Sabblogtical officially over...

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Terrace Crawford said...

When you get that 'guilty feeling' its no longer fun anymore. I occasionally feel that pressure or guilt too - then I punch it in the groin because I can post when I want to.

--Terrace Crawford