Pawleys Front Porch...

I've been a fan of the Food Network for about five years now. And, when I say fan, I mean that sometimes it's all I watch.

And so last week, when I saw an episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives that featured my home town of Columbia, SC, my mind nearly exploded.

So today I followed Guy Fieri's advice, and made my way to Pawleys Front Porch.

Just like the Sham-Wow.

I was very excited to try the gourmet hamburgers at Pawleys, as I saw on the show how they cut, grind, and season their own hamburger meat everyday. That combined with some of their in house specialties (homemade southern salsa, citrus jalapeño mayonnaise) provided much promise for an incredible lunch.

Proof that Guy was here.

I had seen (on the show) a burger that they offered called the Sullivans, which featured their gourmet meat, pepper jack cheese, citrus jalapeño mayonnaise, and a slice of grilled pineapple. Grilled pineapple... (It's a widely known fact that pineapple makes everything better.) So I ordered this wonderful looking burger, and was delighted at its taste.

Yeah... Those are sweet potato fries. Boo yah...

Everything about Pawleys Front Porch was UH-mazing. I was highly impressed. If you're ever in Columbia, SC you must do two things. One, call me. Let's hang. And two, go to Pawleys. So great...

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